Every single day we watch, we hear, we read the news about crimes, poverty, injustice, and how these are crushing the lives of people — those who were victims of it or those who are directly affected by the wrong decisions and actions made by someone who committed such acts. Sometimes, there is a tendency to just go with the flow of the news as long as it doesn’t concern us — to accept the fact that the world is evil and there are just wicked people around.

The nature of my work is not new to me — I serve in a Christian Development Organization whose mission is to reach the children and youth who belong to the marginalized communities, the street dwellers, the homeless, the poorest among the poor, the unschooled, unloved, unaccepted and untouched. We design programs that will intervene and provide a new beginning in their journey once they were reached and rescued from their past to a journey of transformation. We address their needs, providing access to basic services like food, education, home life, values and spiritual formation, health care and social services to help them live their lives with dignity, purpose and hope.

We operate and run residential facilities where we take care of former street children from different areas.  Here, they are given opportunities to grow in a safe environment where love and joy abounds demonstrated by staff who acts as their instant family — accepting, guiding, loving and molding them to be the kind of young man and woman God designed them to be. Each girl and boy have a story to tell how their lives are on the streets — they narrate it as a life they were born into — an environment they just embrace and thought were destined for. I take time to stop and listen when children will come to me asking for my attention because I know they have something to share — be it a happy or sad story. My recent conversation crushed my heart — since that conversation, it made me feel broken. My mind cannot comprehend how cruel and evil the street can be. I cannot also accept the fact how the enemy in the spiritual realm is taking hold the lives of the children without a struggle. This can’t be! To the people on the streets, this is a norm — so children follow what the majority does without any judgment of what is right and wrong. Name it — drugs, sex, vices, violation of human dignity and some other things that other people finds pleasurable in exchange for the lives of the voiceless, the innocent, the helpless all for the cravings of the flesh.

It came to a point that I don’t know what to say —the children are not even looking for comfort as they did not know that what the streets have taught them are wrong. What we see when we pass by them or ignore them on the streets are just the surface. They don’t just live to survive — they live on hell, if I may describe it.

What am I doing about this? For one, I know that as an organization we are doing all we can to eradicate poverty, to share the good news how Jesus Christ our Savior died on the cross for the sins of humankind and how He desires to have a relationship with each person on earth. I know a thousand more NGOs are giving its share to help the street people, the street children… but it seems that it is not enough. We all need to have a share on this — because this is about building or destroying our nation — directly or indirectly no matter how calloused one may be will be affected by this if not today, tomorrow. Your children and future grandchildren will be walking on the same street as them — they will be working in the same company, they might be employed in your homes and live in the community where you are now. EACH ONE CAN REACH ONE.

I choose not to accept this reality — I don’t want to just sit down and wait for the numbers and data to go up — as  much as we want to go inside the campus where we see potential leaders, to go to the marketplace and tap the influencers, we cannot ignore the streets — the real battleground is right where they are. I have seen Jesus so much at work in the marginalized communities and I know He will also be at work in the street if more people will care and work hand in hand to do the will of our Heavenly Father.  I find strength in the Lord. May He crushed your heart that will lead you to reach them. They need God, they need us, they need you to show them the way. Hope with Us!





Missing Jewels



I received an SMS message last January 24 around 8pm from one of my colleague informing me that two of the girls in our Home Care were missing and a group of our personnel were looking for them all over the area at Laguna. It was already dark that night, I was at Malungon, Saranggani Mindanao when the message came in. The news made me restless — More so, because of the distance. What can I do? I am islands apart to where the action is. So many thoughts came in — Where are they now? Why did they ran away? I waited until past 12 midnight for updates but without a good news. I told the staff to rest and sleep and to continue searching the following day.

Running Away is quite a norm to the kind of children we serve in our organization. The children we are taking care in our Home Care are former street dwellers — they literally roam around the streets in Metro and live to survive from hour to hour where there were no rules, no boundaries, no routines, no authority figure — they are on their own. In our society, they are the despised and the unwanted. Visions of Hope Foundation VOH Website, where I am currently serving at rescues and provides holistic programs such as a decent shelter, nutritious meals, access to education, health care, a home life where we have social workers and house parents who serves as their parents and family as we reach them out and move them away from the life on the streets.


We have several cases of run-aways in the past years for different reasons but manage to find the children in less than 24 hours or  in a few days. We give them the time to reflect on their actions and even the freedom to choose if they want to go back and live with us again. We know for the fact that we cannot force the children to what we want and what we think is right but we offer to them an option that we are their family — God’s spiritual family and community where they can feel loved and safe.

Each passing day, in between hours , I would think of our two girls within the day if they have eaten, if they are safe and alive. I lift them to the Lord in prayer and ask the Lord to take good care of them for I know He cares and loves them more than all of us do. I would even wrestle in my prayer against the enemy whose been robbing the children under our care. The enemy has been trying different tactics to put us down because of the work we do to advance the kingdom of God on earth. The Lord reminded me of Isaiah 54:13 and assured me that He is in control. I was at peace. I memorized that scripture because it was a promised I claimed last 2014.  The scripture says ” All your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children.”


My heart is settled but I was telling the Lord to give me an assurance that they are alive and are well. These two girls are so precious in His sight and even to me and to our staff. They are like jewels — rare, colorful, beautiful and authentic.  They are hard on the outside but inside they are priceless.  I miss them — I miss how they ask so much of my attention whenever I am at the Home Care. They will do so many antics just to make you notice them — seeking for affection and affirmation. Twenty Five days has passed without any news for their whereabouts until the day I arrived from a study tour at the Holy Land. I got the best news ever this year — one of the girls showed up at our half way house in Metro Manila. She is alive and safe. I elatedly thank the Lord and asked Him to keep the other girl safe wherever she is. Lo and behold, the following day — the other girl showed up as well and my heart leaped for joy with thanksgiving because the Lord has once again proved that He who promised is faithful.

Do you have a situation you are going through that seems impossible?  Every battle begins when we are on our knees. Pray. Hold on to His Word. The world out there is deceitful — but the Lord promises victory over His children.




joy copyI welcomed this year quite different from the past years. If I will put it into words, this year was like a “Silent Night, Holy Night”. The past year had been a challenging year for me in just every aspect of life. I praise God that He carried me as I fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. There are countless blessings that I have received in the midst of trials and challenges. My cup literally overflows — in blessings, in burdens, in work loads, in schedules, in ministries, in dealings, etc. Many times I have fought like a warrior, God has allowed so many opportunities for my faith to be tested. I praise Him that I am grounded and my faith is in firm foundation that it was not easily shaken. Above all else, I thank Him for the abounding grace that He gives in the midst of pressures, situations and call.

This morning, I sat quietly talking to Him and asked Him one thing. “Lord, what do you want to tell me?” As I wait on Him, He led me to read “A Long Love Letter” by Margaret Baker.

Joy of My Heart – my message to you is to rest and rejoice. Learn and experience true merriment of the soul. Learn the healing effects of joy and rejoicing. Truly a merry heart does good, better than any medicine. Bring a sacrifice of joy and watch it multiply into a rich and abundant harvest of rejoicing. Reap a harvest of rejoicing from a cup of joy scattered and broadcast in the fertile field of sad and frightened souls around you. The joy of the Lord is your strength and at the same time your buckler and shield. This is the day I have created you for you to rejoice and be glad. Rejoice! And again, I say Rejoice! I love you and there is nothing to fear.

You will see what a beautiful gift joy is. My gift of joy will never leave you. It has come to stay. I have given you a double portion of joy, enough to keep, to share and to give away, an overflowing abundance. My joy will radiate out from you like a healing balm, anointing everyone who comes near. As you share with others, you will see the healing effect of joy manifest before your eyes when the weight is lifted and they grow in strength. You will see their countenance change, from sad and forlorn and hopeless, to smiling with new hope and life. You will see loving gratitude spring forth as the new hope and strength take root. I will bless you with the visible evidence, of the healing power, of joy. You will behold the miracle of joy as I transform weakened and sad ones into smiling, strong, healthy and joyful souls before your eyes. You will know and understand and witness the gift you have shared and the healing effect of joy.

My will for you is joy, even a constant portion of true joy. As you look with the eyes of faith, you will see beyond any current problems to the victory beyond and you will anticipate the outcome with joy. I never said there will never be any problems but I did promise you victory every time, in all things, in all ways and by all means.! Walking by faith is very important for keeping your constant portion of joy. Your spiritual eyes will be fixed and fastened on the victorious, joyous outcome. Great faith starts rejoicing ahead of time, knowing the great gladness that lies ahead.

Wherever you go, you will take my peace and leave behind joy. In a world hurrying to nowhere, your slow easy pace will be refreshing and healing. Even though a lot will be accomplished, you will do it slowly and peacefully. Notice your times of greatest joy. They are in times of rest and peace and quiet. I don’t plan for you to live a hurried, harried life like so many, filling their lives with noise and business and meaninglessness. I have planned for you to live a set apart, holy life of peace and quiet and great and abiding joy – true joy that bubbles up from deep inside and spills over on all who come near – a contagious joy that is a gift from Me. Joy is a refreshing from all of the cares of life. Joy is a holy laughter that heals and binds up the wounds and hurts, that binds together in love and speaks volumes of love.
Rejoice and receive My gift of great and abiding joy. Live each day in gladness and joy, a very special gift of My great love for you.

While I read these words, I clearly heard Him speak to my quiet soul. He left me speechless — unspeakable joy.”Notice your times of greatest joy. They are in times of rest and peace and quiet.” This is indeed so true. More than hanging out with friends or family, shopping spree and traveling, playing with children or even serving at Right Start — My greatest joy is in times of resting, peace and quietness. Today, I am in my joyous position — quietly at rest. Rejoicing in my heart. Have a JOYFUL NEW YEAR!


While I’m Waiting


One of my entries

One of my entries

Happy Heart’s Day!!!
Just because every romantic couples are celebrating and declaring LOVE on this day doesn’t mean that as a SINGLE person, you are left out and you need to make a “drama” out of it.
This blog is not about love, it’s not even about the kind of guy one dreams of. It’s not about romance either. It’s about WAITING. To keep this short and direct, I just want to share what to do while you wait. Waiting for God’s Best partner in your lifetime.
Ten years ago, I received an exactly the same unique journal from my mentor Nove Tan and my brother Dennis. Both were gifts to me on my birthday. Because I know I just needed one, I gave away the other journal. Prior to receiving the gift, I was able to read one of the popular book during that time, WHEN GOD WRITES YOUR LOVE STORY. It was so heartwarming that it inspired me to write , unknowingly I will be receiving a Journal that suits it.

I’m single, happily single, waiting on God.

What to do while you’re waiting?

1. Pray. Pray for your heart. Pray for your future partner. Pray for patience in waiting.
2. Share your thoughts to God. He knows everything and He sees everything. But it helps to just share it openly.
3. Stay Pure in thoughts and action. Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.
4. Live your single life for your future mate — which means you just don’t get into relationships based on your moods or for experience sake. Save your heart, your love and your purity to the man God has for you.
5. Find creative ways to live your life to the fullest as a single person… there’s a thousand lists.

As I wrote the entries in my journal, I don’t have a particular man in mind. Don’t be deceived. I wrote them merely as thoughts to my future husband whoever he may be. For ten years and counting, I put entries whenever I feel I need to do so. It’s not a habit though, it’s not even a routine. There are more pages to fill in. The Journal serves as my waiting season of how God is speaking and working during my season of waiting, even if it means waiting for more years. It is meant to be given to the “One” in God’s perfect time.

In your time of waiting, God will strengthen your heart. Let it not be an “enduring” season but rather an “enjoying” season. It will make all the difference — until one day, you will finally say, “IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!”

Psalm 27:14
Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart.

1 Corinthians 2:9
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love Him.



Being Content
Finally, It’s settled in my heart. For you to understand what my issue is, let me give you a brief background of what I do and where I’m coming from. I grew up living a comfortable life. My parents were responsible and good provider to our family that they give us more than what we need, including our “wants” to ensure that we are able to live our lives to the fullest. After graduation, I worked in our family business as the managing director for ten busy and productive years. In between the ten busy years, I was able to established my own business in children apparel, able to make good profit and happy with what I’m earning. Then God led me to a new season in life. I closed my own business, I resigned from the family business and shifted to the non-profit world. ( How I wish to share with you blow by blow my journey in this… but it will take too much of your time ) It was not a drastic move, I should say. The decisions were made and sealed with much prayer, much reflection, much study and sacrifices.
During the first year of Right Start, ( the NGO I’m a part of ) it was life-changing for me. God was literally testing my faith and my character with regards to the issue of provision. My background in the business seems not be working too much in terms of assuring me that everything will be well provided as you operate and run your programs at Right Start. From thinking of “me”, it became “we”. I know I can handle to make my own sacrifices, but I can’t afford to make the organization go through the sacrifices. There were a lot of thoughts running in my mind by the mere fact that I know for a non-profit organization to be effective and to run, “funds” are crucial and needed. I have to think of 5, 10, 20, 30 years ahead — the challenge of sustaining, the challenge of making an impact. Above all these thoughts, one truth remains ; God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply. I forgot who said that, but since I was young, that became one principle that I embraced and believed.
Every single day, I will wake up excited for I know I will be going through some of God’s appointed tests. There were even a lot of sleepless nights just thinking and imagining the future. Worry will sometimes attack me, that will lead me to do accounting, then back to worrying. It did not help at all. I will soak myself in the Word of God and His promises. Then God will remind me about His promises that I’m just joining Him, so I don’t have the license to worry. It’s His job to provide, not mine. No matter how good I may be in looking for resources or connecting with people, He is the provider.
I can remember till this day how my prayer goes everytime I pray for provision. I will plead with the Lord that He will make our accounts grow, He will send generous partners, He will bless our seed money, He will touch a giving heart and He will not allow me or we to be in lack. He knows my fears — fear of being in lack.
Last February 4, as we mark our second year in Right Start, God revealed to me His heart that changed me as it is written in

Philippians 4.

11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. 13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. 18 My God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Now I get it, I need to be content. It’s a heart issue.

Come to think of it, there was never a time that Right Start was experiencing lack. God has been faithfully meeting our daily needs, our monthly needs that we even have so much room in sharing our resources with other groups or ministries. It is a sweet revelation that I will be facing plenty and I will be experiencing hunger in my journey BUT in any and every circumstance, the secret lies in being contented. God will supply not according to my list of donors or friends or generous givers, but He will supply “every need” according to HIS RICHES IN GLORY. Hey, my Heavenly Father is rich and He owns the universe! Above all these, He will enable me to do ALL THINGS THROUGH HIS STRENGTH.

If I can go back to my prayers and the way I worry…I will totally change it. My prayers were rooted from worry and fear of the unknown. His Word gives me the boldness to declare faith and to continually obey where He leads me for “He who begun a good work in me will be faithful to complete it…” — Philippians 1:6



A Year of Endless Possibilities

It’s this time of the year. A list of New Year’s resolution, faith goals, things to do, to buy, to accomplish, targets, to change and the list goes on and on. To some, this is the most anticipated month of the year — a fresh start, a beginning of a new journey, a new self, a new life.

I look forward for Year 2013. I actually look forward for every new year. To me, it’s a continuation of the past year. I used to make a list too of what I want to accomplish and the plans I have for a certain year until I stopped doing so few years ago because I get so caught up on my list and plans when infact, God has a better plan and list for me to do. Being a planner and organizer, God has to deal it with me big time. It’s good to plan ahead and make a list but He would always remind me that the list has to come from Him, not the other way around.

This year, He gave me a word to hold on. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. That word blew me away. He backed it up confirming using His Word, the Bible whom I acknowledge has the final authority in my life.

Zechariah 8: 12-13 ( English Standard Version )

12 For there shall be a sowing of peace. The vine shall give its fruit, and the ground shall give its produce, and the heavens shall give their dew. And I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things. 13 And as you have been a byword of cursing among the nations, O house of Judah and house of Israel, so will I save you, and you shall be a blessing. Fear not, but let your hands be strong.”

Notice how God will cause the vine, the ground and the heaven to produce, to bear fruit, blessings, abundance, overflowing endless possibilities all at the same time. ( Can you imagine how to contain it? ) This is more than a “reap what you sow” principle. It is not even a short cut to success and prosperity. But God in his nature, will do something supernatural, beyond normal. Isn’t it exciting to be able to witness it right before your eyes? This is PROSPERITY.

Secondly is the promise of SALVATION. The very meaning of life is to be able to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ demonstrated when He died on the cross for you and me because of His everlasting love. He will cause people to know Him, to make Him known and experience the power of the cross. And it will not end there, you shall be a BLESSING. Know what it means to be a blessing to someone? People like to be around you because your presence itself brings blessing to their lives.

Finally, God commanded us to FEAR NOT. He will lead you to a place you have never been before, not even in your imagination. It will be a place you would think is impossible to step on — but He will make it possible for you. Remember, He is the God of all possibilities. With His commands, He also instruct us to BE STRONG. Find strength in Him. To be courageous, to believe what you can’t see, to be faithful. There’s no time to quit or give up.

That’s my list! His list became my list. To those who believe, you will receive. I still find it amazing how God can speak directly and cause me to abide and obey Him. I only have one simple prayer — that I will constantly be in the business of changing lives, that I will bloom where I am planted so God may be glorified in my life.

The promises above is made available for every believer. That’s our inheritance. His Word is something we can hold on to. Don’t make a list of what you want and encourage yourself — list what He wants. Don’t make a list based on your resources, believing only what is measurable and attainable. Look to God. He is far bigger and greater than what you think or imagine. He is the God of endless possibilities.

Jesus said “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. ” Matthew 19:26

Bangka, Bota, Right Start and CCT


Our Bangka

The past week seems like a second nightmare to most Filipinos. Here we are again, facing deep flood, rescuing people, evacuating from houses, doing relief operations, and praying hard. I like to share my documentation of my experiences here. I do not wish to try analyzing why God allowed the rains to flood our nation, or even to answer what causes the flood in this blog. What I wish to share with you all is WHAT’s really happening there.
Right Start, an NGO that I am a part of partnered with CCT ( Center for Community Transformation ) in raising funds and gathering donations for their relief and rehabilitation programs. CCT serves hundreds of thousands of Filipinos nationwide. With the recent Monsoon Rain, they have around 5,000 plus families that were members/partners of their 60 community centers in Luzon that were affected.
I visited one of their centers today at Muntinlupa. I coordinated with their area Coordinator, Pastora Ging and ask her to show me where the communities that we are helping. Pastora Ging welcomed me with a big warm smile, and share to me a little background of what happened in their community. Then at the middle of our conversation, she began telling me that they went to visit areas where the waters are as high as shoulder deep. I was trying to be sympathetic with the flow of her stories and then she said, we’re going to visit them now. In my mind I was like.. ( oh, okay we are visiting them now… but how? ) Then she said that we’re going to walk first, then ride a bangka and take rounds in the community. The way she delivered those lines were like what we are about to do is a very “ordinary” thing and she said them with such boldness. Then rains poured down at that moment. I am like praying… (Lord, we are going to submerged ourselves with a heavy rain now…oh please make her change her mind.) It took us 30 minutes to arrive at our community destination. When my driver saw the place, he told me.. “Ma’m we can’t enter there, the water is too deep.” Pastora Ging went down with her boots and umbrella to check the place. I was inside the car thinking why are we going down there? Just for me to take photos and report them to my head office and post the pictures at facebook? Why will I risk my life there and why will I do this? My partner boldly went ahead, she was at the middle of the street and began talking to people. I was like texting my team from Right Start to cover us in prayer. My driver was reversing our car to park in the land. 10 minutes pass by and I was waiting for my partner to come back and expecting her to tell me, let’s not go because it’s dangerous. But she did not. Ok Lord, five more minutes. But she was still there at the middle talking with people. Then the Lord told me, go down. Don’t be afraid. This is why I ask you to be here, not just to raise funds nor feel sympathetic for these people, Go down, you need to see this. So I put on my boots, carry an umbrella, my cellfone and my camera. I told the Lord, Okay… I can do this.
I went towards where my partner was but in between there were people from that community recognizing that I’m not from there ask me where I am going and telling me that water is too deep. They saw my boots and said, your boots is not enough. I call my partner and shout a bit for her to hear me ( there’s quite a distance between us) I said, “Ate tutuloy pa ba tayo? mukhang delikado” She said, “oo kaya natin ito”. Then I said, Lord, bless this woman who is super bold. ^_^ So we walk along the riles ng train, with our feet knee high submerged in water. Then it’s time for us to ride the bangka. Then I felt an anxious feeling from my partner if the bangka can really carry us to our destination. But this time, I was bold already, getting the assurance from God that He ask me to go, no turning back. When i sat at the bangka, pictures of disciples of Jesus and the story of calming the storm was in my mind. I have peace. I know God will show me something here. Sharing with you some of the photos I took while on this journey. Will be writing my reflection in the next blog.

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My entry for today will be very different from the usual blogs I write in here. It was an experience of something supernatural that I wish to share not to magnify the subject of the matter, but to share the POWER of GOD’S WORD in a believer’s life. 

Last midnight, around four-thirty at dawn, I had fought one of the biggest fight I am in. It was not my first time to fight, but it sure was a victorious one. I had a FIGHT with a BAD SPIRIT. I will try to use words or put to words to describe my experience so you can have a picture of what went on. Here it is:

Around 4:30am while sleeping, I was quickly awakened by the unusual SOUND of the aircondition in my room. Usually, the room temperature is just right… but then there’s like a super duper cool sound and feeling that I really thought something is going on with our room… our house… when I opened my eyes, I saw a black silhouette jump over my bed heavily. I thought it was my brother Charles, whom I share the room with. BUT it was followed by another BLACK SILHOUETTE jumping over and making my bed heavier. Then, I realize it was an evil spirit. My mind was very quick to RECOGNIZE it. It was not a shadow, it was not a dream… it was that spirit trying to attack me. So what did I do?

Arlene:  Sit down at my bed, mind all focus with what’s going on… first thing is to rebuke it… BUT the problem is …. I cannot talk. I don’t have the voice. Words can’t come out that time. Am I scared? Not at all!!! But I was shock to feel that I’m in the middle of a battlefield. But I was like… hey Arlene, why can’t I speak the word? It won’t come out. It’s like my lips are sealed. In my mind I am uttering… In Jesus Name! But it won’t really come out. I’m trying to call my brother who is sleeping so soundly… and yet again, no words coming out.

first attempt… FAILED. But I said… one more time… one more time. It is not yet done. Truly after around 2 minutes… the same thing happened. The aircon wind was like became so COOL, that you felt the unusual touch in your face, there they are again… TWO of them… black silhouette jumping over my bed… like a melting candle swaying…I felt my bed was heavy.

2nd Round: This time… (naka-buelo ako)

I was able to utter the words softly and yet with so much authority. I just said :IN JESUS NAME. IN JESUS NAME. Cover me with Your blood. Right there and then, I know they were defeated. I know they were gone. I know they were already trembling in fear, running as fast as they could when they heard the name JESUS.

Then, I declared very silently and gently… NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER. Thank you Lord.

I grab my cellfone beside my bed and check the time, it was 4:45am. I put the lights on in my phone to check if my sleeping brother is still soundly asleep… and yes, he is.

I then said… Lord, why are these evil spirits wanting a fight with me? then I remembered the night before it happened, I was doing a strategic planning for a huge ministry that will be able to bring a big social transformation. That night, I was not able to sleep because when I was to lie down, the Spirit of the Lord spoke and revealed a lot of things to me that can bring social transformation to our nation that I did not wait for the sun to rise to put them to writing. I hurriedly wrote them at my laptop at 2:00am and send them to my partner. I was able to come up with a lot of spiritual “strategies” to bring down the enemy. So I thought for a second, that maybe the evil spirits were aware of that and want a quick fight with me. Too bad… because GREATER is HE (Jesus) that is in me than he who is in the world. After these realizations, I went back to a very sound and peaceful sleep.

What’s all of these about? It’s about the NAME OF JESUS. The POWER of HIS NAME. The AUTHORITY we have as BELIEVERS as we represent His NAME.

The real enemy is not what you see, it is the unseen. The real enemy will try to intimidate us as we do the work of God. His legions are planning how to destroy the child of God, to look for ways to put fear, put lies and do all they can to stop advancing God’s Kingdom. The secret sword as we fight is HIS WORD. Don’t just be acquainted with His Word, dig deeper… read it, meditate, reflect, memorize, live, obey until it becomes natural in you. When the devil strikes again, you don’t have to run and look for your bible to quote scriptures. It is so natural that you can face the supernatural with HIS WORD, HIS NAME, JESUS.

Morning came when I shared this with my brother blow by blow, he was like filling in my sentences. Then I ask if he were there all along? How come we are talking of the same enemy? Then I found out, He has seen them as well days ago… rebuke them with the same name JESUS and it went away. He did not share it anymore with us because he thought it was just a dream. We have different experiences and yet we fought with the same enemy. The good thing is… BOTH OF US WERE VICTORIOUS. So what to do when the enemy fights with you? FIGHT BACK using the WORD OF GOD.






Last night when I was reading the Bible, I was struck with what I read not because it’s a new text, infact it’s a very familiar story in the Bible that I have grown listening to or reading since I was in my teen years. Most of us know the story of how the 5 loaves of bread and two fish were able to feed more than 5,000 people as Jesus was ministering with his disciples. It was one of the famous miracles He performed while He was on earth.  While reading them, I heard God spoke in my heart about His provision. Being a believer, I know by heart and by mind that God is my Jehovah-Jireh, He will provide everything according to his riches in glory ( as what His word says ) BUT, believing and living it are two different things. God dealt with the latter to me.

Previously on my blog entries, I wrote about the timing that God wants me to build up something. That something is actually a RIGHT START CENTER ^_^ a place where we can hold our programs. Building a center for the community or non-profit organization is far different from building a new business or corporation.( Anyway, I won’t go into details about it at this blog) Every single day has been a faith stretching exercise for me as I try to apply what I believe — and even to forsee the future. I can do all the calculating and accounting and still end up thinking if I will have enough resources to build this center offering quality after-school programs for the underprivileged children. Then came the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

The disciples told Jesus in Matthew 14:17 “WE HAVE NOTHING HERE  but 5 loaves and 2 Fish”


Then Jesus went on and gave thanks, blessed, broke the loaves, handed the pieces to the disciples and then the disciples gave them to the people.

At this point… I was like having a dialogue with God…

Arlene: “Lord, I only have a few bucks… ( few bucks as compared to what we want to accomplish and do ) I only actually have the “seed money”… “

Lord: Bring them to Me…

Arlene : I just did. I offer everything up to you… What will You do with it Lord?

Lord: I will give thanks to My Father, will bless your seed, will broke (loaves) and handed them to RIGHT START… ( yes, I will entrust your NGO ) and your NGO will be the one to distribute it to people just like what I did to the 5 loaves and 2 fish. I did not directly gave them to the people, I entrusted them to my disciples because I want you to witness what I’m about to do. I want you to trust me in behalf of the needs of these people. 

Arlene: I continued reading…

Matthew 14: 20 they all ate and were satisfied. They picked up twelve baskets full of broken pieces of left over.

v21: There were about 5,000 men not including the women and children who received it.

Oh! WOW!!! Everyone were able to received and were satisfied. There were even left-overs and it was overflowing. Lord, you are amazing!!!

Lord: I will do the same for you… for Right Start. I love these people more than you love them. I care for their needs and I will satisfy them. In the first place, this is my mission — to give life and that people may live their life to the fullest. I will just use you — so don’t waste time worrying when I am the one incharge.

Arlene: continued reading

Matthew 14:23 After dismissing the multitudes, He went up to the hills by himself to pray.

Lord, thank you for your sweet revelation that above all things — You are sovereign and You have once again shown me that there’s no greater love than the way you love people. You even laid down your life for all of us that we might live. Thank you for giving me a new perspective to see the 5 loaves and 2 fish. I choose to believe and live my faith for Your glory, for Your kingdom and for You. 

Have you felt that God planted a burden or a desire in your heart way beyond yourself or even your resources? Maybe He gave you a dream and a vision to fulfill and you often think if it will come to pass. Take heart my friend, Bring it to Him whatever you have. He will not just multiply them, but He will let you witness how He will provide and fulfill His plans and purposes for your life.



This is a blog about what’s been happening at Bacal Compound, Balulang, CDO — a continuation of my Sendong at Last, at Lost at Least blog.

I may be miles and miles away from Cagayan de Oro and a 1 1/2 hour airplane ride from Manila but every Sunday, when my watch strikes 2:00PM I say a prayer and remember the children we are serving there. I can picture in my mind what’s going on — adult volunteers engaging the children in a learning environment filled with love and faith. It’s been TWO MONTHS that our volunteers/ team at CDO gathers grade school students for an afternoon of learning, playing, singing, story telling and building relationships.

Ate Mai doing the story telling ^_^ Kids were attentively listening

THIRTY THREE. That’s the number of children who are part of our learning program at CDO. For the past two months, it’s a PERFECT ATTENDANCE ^_^ Parents in the community will drop off their children and pick them up after two hours. Children enjoy and looks forward for Sundays afternoon where they can engage with other children, learn from their Ate’s and Kuya’s, learn new songs, listen to a good story, make creative arts and just be kids and play.

sessions being held outdoor

I admire all our volunteers who passionately prepares for sunday afternoons. YOU ARE MY HEROES!!! One day, these THIRTY THREE KIDS won’t be able to thank you enough for what you have done for them.

learning together

artwork done by kids

To our volunteers at CDO — you are doing such a great work! Thank you for seeing the destiny in every child you touched. Thank you for tirelessly preparing and sharing your talents, time and life with each children.

Meet John : Our coordinator and dedicated volunteer at CDO in partnership with RIGHT START.

To my readers, I am so proud of the way our volunteers serves at CDO because of the fact that they were also victims of Typhoon Sendong and were badly affected. But instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they have chose to be a light to their community — serving with a cheerful heart whatever it takes. I had the privileged of knowing some of them —- and they have gone extra miles to help children have a right start in life.

I may not even know the names of these THIRTY THREE KIDS… but I know the fact that Jesus loves them and has prepared a wonderful future for their lives.