This is a blog about what’s been happening at Bacal Compound, Balulang, CDO — a continuation of my Sendong at Last, at Lost at Least blog.

I may be miles and miles away from Cagayan de Oro and a 1 1/2 hour airplane ride from Manila but every Sunday, when my watch strikes 2:00PM I say a prayer and remember the children we are serving there. I can picture in my mind what’s going on — adult volunteers engaging the children in a learning environment filled with love and faith. It’s been TWO MONTHS that our volunteers/ team at CDO gathers grade school students for an afternoon of learning, playing, singing, story telling and building relationships.

Ate Mai doing the story telling ^_^ Kids were attentively listening

THIRTY THREE. That’s the number of children who are part of our learning program at CDO. For the past two months, it’s a PERFECT ATTENDANCE ^_^ Parents in the community will drop off their children and pick them up after two hours. Children enjoy and looks forward for Sundays afternoon where they can engage with other children, learn from their Ate’s and Kuya’s, learn new songs, listen to a good story, make creative arts and just be kids and play.

sessions being held outdoor

I admire all our volunteers who passionately prepares for sunday afternoons. YOU ARE MY HEROES!!! One day, these THIRTY THREE KIDS won’t be able to thank you enough for what you have done for them.

learning together

artwork done by kids

To our volunteers at CDO — you are doing such a great work! Thank you for seeing the destiny in every child you touched. Thank you for tirelessly preparing and sharing your talents, time and life with each children.

Meet John : Our coordinator and dedicated volunteer at CDO in partnership with RIGHT START.

To my readers, I am so proud of the way our volunteers serves at CDO because of the fact that they were also victims of Typhoon Sendong and were badly affected. But instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they have chose to be a light to their community — serving with a cheerful heart whatever it takes. I had the privileged of knowing some of them —- and they have gone extra miles to help children have a right start in life.

I may not even know the names of these THIRTY THREE KIDS… but I know the fact that Jesus loves them and has prepared a wonderful future for their lives.


About inthebusinessofchanginglives

God has called me to be in the business of changing lives through advocating for children and youth-at-risk, leading faith-based organizations, equipping ministry workers, and empowering the next generation as change agents in their communities. The author serves as the Executive Director of Visions of Hope Foundation and CCT-Visions of Hope Christian School, the children and youth ministry arm of Center for Community Transformation (CCT). She also co-founded Right Start Community Development Inc. an NGO reaching underprivileged children by providing afterschool programs.

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