joy copyI welcomed this year quite different from the past years. If I will put it into words, this year was like a “Silent Night, Holy Night”. The past year had been a challenging year for me in just every aspect of life. I praise God that He carried me as I fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. There are countless blessings that I have received in the midst of trials and challenges. My cup literally overflows — in blessings, in burdens, in work loads, in schedules, in ministries, in dealings, etc. Many times I have fought like a warrior, God has allowed so many opportunities for my faith to be tested. I praise Him that I am grounded and my faith is in firm foundation that it was not easily shaken. Above all else, I thank Him for the abounding grace that He gives in the midst of pressures, situations and call.

This morning, I sat quietly talking to Him and asked Him one thing. “Lord, what do you want to tell me?” As I wait on Him, He led me to read “A Long Love Letter” by Margaret Baker.

Joy of My Heart – my message to you is to rest and rejoice. Learn and experience true merriment of the soul. Learn the healing effects of joy and rejoicing. Truly a merry heart does good, better than any medicine. Bring a sacrifice of joy and watch it multiply into a rich and abundant harvest of rejoicing. Reap a harvest of rejoicing from a cup of joy scattered and broadcast in the fertile field of sad and frightened souls around you. The joy of the Lord is your strength and at the same time your buckler and shield. This is the day I have created you for you to rejoice and be glad. Rejoice! And again, I say Rejoice! I love you and there is nothing to fear.

You will see what a beautiful gift joy is. My gift of joy will never leave you. It has come to stay. I have given you a double portion of joy, enough to keep, to share and to give away, an overflowing abundance. My joy will radiate out from you like a healing balm, anointing everyone who comes near. As you share with others, you will see the healing effect of joy manifest before your eyes when the weight is lifted and they grow in strength. You will see their countenance change, from sad and forlorn and hopeless, to smiling with new hope and life. You will see loving gratitude spring forth as the new hope and strength take root. I will bless you with the visible evidence, of the healing power, of joy. You will behold the miracle of joy as I transform weakened and sad ones into smiling, strong, healthy and joyful souls before your eyes. You will know and understand and witness the gift you have shared and the healing effect of joy.

My will for you is joy, even a constant portion of true joy. As you look with the eyes of faith, you will see beyond any current problems to the victory beyond and you will anticipate the outcome with joy. I never said there will never be any problems but I did promise you victory every time, in all things, in all ways and by all means.! Walking by faith is very important for keeping your constant portion of joy. Your spiritual eyes will be fixed and fastened on the victorious, joyous outcome. Great faith starts rejoicing ahead of time, knowing the great gladness that lies ahead.

Wherever you go, you will take my peace and leave behind joy. In a world hurrying to nowhere, your slow easy pace will be refreshing and healing. Even though a lot will be accomplished, you will do it slowly and peacefully. Notice your times of greatest joy. They are in times of rest and peace and quiet. I don’t plan for you to live a hurried, harried life like so many, filling their lives with noise and business and meaninglessness. I have planned for you to live a set apart, holy life of peace and quiet and great and abiding joy – true joy that bubbles up from deep inside and spills over on all who come near – a contagious joy that is a gift from Me. Joy is a refreshing from all of the cares of life. Joy is a holy laughter that heals and binds up the wounds and hurts, that binds together in love and speaks volumes of love.
Rejoice and receive My gift of great and abiding joy. Live each day in gladness and joy, a very special gift of My great love for you.

While I read these words, I clearly heard Him speak to my quiet soul. He left me speechless — unspeakable joy.”Notice your times of greatest joy. They are in times of rest and peace and quiet.” This is indeed so true. More than hanging out with friends or family, shopping spree and traveling, playing with children or even serving at Right Start — My greatest joy is in times of resting, peace and quietness. Today, I am in my joyous position — quietly at rest. Rejoicing in my heart. Have a JOYFUL NEW YEAR!



About inthebusinessofchanginglives

God has called me to be in the business of changing lives through advocating for children and youth-at-risk, leading faith-based organizations, equipping ministry workers, and empowering the next generation as change agents in their communities. The author serves as the Executive Director of Visions of Hope Foundation and CCT-Visions of Hope Christian School, the children and youth ministry arm of Center for Community Transformation (CCT). She also co-founded Right Start Community Development Inc. an NGO reaching underprivileged children by providing afterschool programs.

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